Iain Murray Reappointed

The Competition Forum, consisting of the six teams filed, has named Iain Murray. Murray is a former America’s Cup skipper who served in the last America’s Cup as Regatta Director.

Murray has been meeting together with the teams along with Commercial Commissioner Harvey Schiller via routine Competition Forum conference calls and began in his job by December 1.

Murray says he views his appointment to another period as Regatta Director as a way to improve the America’s Cup forward.

“Now the teams have the opportunity to fine tune and make adjustments to ensure it is even better.

This time we’ve got a template to work from and I anticipate we’ll find progress across the board.”

Murray must nominate Regatta Officials, including Umpires and a Measurement Committee, in addition to distribute the Regatta Officials Fund into a budget agreed by the opponents. Each team provides in equal measure to the Fund through Regatta Officials’ fees.

“I have already found a powerful nature of co-operation involving the teams,” Murray said. Everybody is bringing and also the procedure is functioning nicely.”

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